What is a Hosting?

A hosting is a hosting service for websites. Instead of hosting people, web hosting hosts the contents of your website and your email so that they can be visited at any time from any device connected to the Internet.

When you want to consult a file on your computer, that content is stored somewhere, it can be on your computer’s hard drive or a USB storage device, for example.

The same happens with the content of the webs, it must be stored somewhere and for it to be visited through the Internet it will have to be stored on a web server.

A server is a computer much more powerful than a conventional computer, connected to the Internet 24 hours a day so that the contents it stores can be visited at any time. The server is the physical equipment, the hardware, and different options are offered from it. types of web hosting: shared hosting, VPS, cloud, WordPress hosting, elastic hosting, etc.

Once you have a web host to host the files of your page, your visits can reach them through your domain.

Domains are used to tell the browser what content you want it to show you. By writing webempresa.com in the address bar you are indicating that you want to see the content of our website.

The browser will go to find the contents of the website to the hosting where it is hosted to show them to you, but how does it know to which web hosting it has to go to find them? This is where DNS (also called Nameservers) come into play.

The different computers connected to the Internet do not locate each other by names, but use numerical codes called IPs to communicate.

However … imagine that you had to remember an IP number for each website you want to visit, it would be impossible! For this reason the domain name system was created, to facilitate this task and that we can use names (easier to remember) instead of IPs to navigate the Internet.


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